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Playboy Jack Kidd is sole heir to a large orange tree ranch, a parcel of land worth over a billion dollars, located in one of the most affluent regions in the world: Orange County, California.

But Jack is a holdout, one of the last remaining landowners in the county unwilling to sell for the sake of growth and profit, making him a target of a hostile land grab. Jack's strategy: appease his pursuers by staking his family fortune on an all-or-nothing endgame.
But Jack has another problem: he's addicted to the thrill of rich and beautiful women and is plagued by an affair-related murder he had committed a year earlier. This drives him toward yet another endgame, one of redemption and liberation, and the quickest way for him to play the game is to seek out his final, most dangerous muse.
With shady investors, corrupt cops and politicians, and even a best friend all vying to kill Jack for his land, he begins a whirlwind, thirty-day journey of deception that will either change his life for the better or end it.
A gripping psychological thriller.  

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About Me

My background


what can I say about my life? Really . . . what can anyone say about their life that isn't filtered through rose-colored glasses or nuanced with the lingering reek of what ifs. We've all stepped in it, walked it around the carpet, leaving fragrant tracks. 

There are those times, though, when the stink catches a downwind shift of delicate scent, like roses or jasmine, and then I somehow get it right, on the tenth or eleventh try; and here I am crafting out scenes of peculiar actors on a page, hopefully to make a buck or two.

So yeah . . . background. Is it about pedigrees archived and framed, hung on a wall? Or is it simply about things learned, journeys peppered with unplanned sojourns of experience? 

Bottom line, always a bottom line, my background as a writer is no different from my reader's: their first kiss; their first lay; their first heartbreak; their first gaze into the stars, wondering just what the hell is this all about. 

About me



Chris D. Dodson is an avid reader, (essential to all else that follows), writer of mystery thrillers, first-rate husband, neighbor, all around nice guy who views life as a mixed bag, a long parade of the human carnival—so be amused, smile, just roll with it. 

Favorite pastimes: digging divots with his seven iron; watching his dog kick its leg while it sleeps; reneging on his honey-do list; winching a taut mainsheet for the perfect angle of attack; and for prime optics: sipping an espresso at Paris cafe while butchering the French language. 

Chris hails from the best climate on earth, Southern California, where he is sustained by a beautiful, long-suffering wife and two needy dogs. Chris’ up and coming best sellers are every story conceivable; it’s a long, colorful parade—stay tuned.

My style


My style is always for the reader. Where can I take you? Where do you wanna go?

If I can make you turn a page, to lose yourself in my story, then I found my reason to labor over my keyboard.      

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About My Books

Things aren’t what they seem on the top floor of the South Coast Tower



a.k.a, The Orange Curtain—so named because of its glassy veneer that reflects the sun—a fifty-story apartment building located in ritzy Newport Beach, California.  

A violent murder takes place in penthouse 5008, prompting an investigation by Lieutenant Detective Max Cusini and his partner, Detective Jimmy Sanchez. 

And what begins as a lone murder quickly unfolds into a string of serial killings inside this upscale building that not only confounds Detective Cusini’s skills as a veteran sleuth, but also stirs from his past certain haunts that he's been running from for the last six years. 

Cusini’s only hope in solving this case is to negotiate a taut relationship with the Tower’s two most eccentric tenants: a Mr. and Mrs. Capote, two novelists who know a lot more about these murders—the Orange Curtain’s cryptic gallery of tenants—than they should. That is, until Detective Cusini finally decodes the cryptic message. 

A gripping psychological thriller, pitting two noble detectives against an obscure assassin. 

A cold, dry Santa Ana wind blew that day; news headlines suggested



that the great financial meltdown and subsequent recession were getting worse; racial strife with political activists on both sides was becoming violent—a nation on the brink with California at its epicenter. 

Enter Sean Kirkpatrick, a dedicated social worker for the county of Los Angeles who has only one ambition: to serve the needy and downtrodden. But it’s not until Sean’s fiancée, Megan O'Riley, turns his marital plans upside down, causing a butterfly effect of events in Sean’s life, prodding him toward a path of denial and self realization. 

With a newfound mix of friends and lovers, enemies and geopolitical players, Sean Kirkpatrick, noble public servant, finds himself ensnared within a labyrinth of social uprising as well as the upper echelons of wealth and treacherous power. 

A gripping coming-of-age story that pits man against the world—revealing, with satirical flare, the precarious, clandestine world we all live in. The perfect chemistry of political thriller and comedic romance.   

Coming soon. . . My latest novel, PETER'S CROSSING



Peter Hillet, third heir to the throne of a multi-billion dollar family owned business, travels with his mother one summer to visit his ailing grandmother at his grandfather's mansion: a sprawling and mysterious manor located along the pristine central California coastline. Since his grandfather's passing a decade earlier, it's been years since the adolescent Peter has visited both the Hillet Manor and the nearby fishing village known as Lands' End Harbor. 

But it's not until his aunt Yvonne arrives for a brief visit, with exotic stories to tell, that things turn interesting for Peter. It's then when he learns of his grandfather's library and the myriad of secrets locked inside, particularly a book, one promising revelations regarding his grandfather's exotic travels and worldly collections. But the book also proves to be a key to a door--a secret passageway--to Lands End Harbor. And it's there where Peter finds not just family secrets, but more importantly, where he finds love, friendship, and what it means to be a man.

A poignant coming of age story, filled with adventure and fantasy.  

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